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5 Key Considerations For Selecting Kitchen & Bathroom Blinds
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5 Key Considerations For Selecting Kitchen & Bathroom Blinds

1.Light & Privacy Control

Bathroom Tip - When selecting the most suitable type of blinds for the bathrooms in your home, the level of privacy in which they provide is a vital factor. To protect your family from exposure, complete privacy control is required. Frosted glass is commonly used, however at night with the light on, clear outlines of figures are still visible from the outside. In this instance we recommend using Luxaflex Duette Shades in a blockout fabric coupled with either Top-Down Bottom-Up or Duo-Lite styles. This is a highly versatile solution which can be adjusted to perfectly suit the desired amount of light and visibility. Kitchen Tip - Light and privacy control in the kitchen is as important as any other room in the house. When selecting the window coverings for this space consider the versatility of the options and whether the product allows for ample light to filter through during the day, protection from the late afternoon glare and privacy from nosey neighbours when cooking dinner of an evening. Cooking fumes may also require blind styles which assist good air flow, and materials which do not retain odours such as shutters or blinds with thin or synthetic fabric. Create a comfortable cooking environment with window treatments such as Luxaflex Duette Duo-Lite Shades or PolySatin Shutters which are effective solutions in controlling the incoming light and level of privacy with louvres and blind position and heights being easily adjusted.

2. Humidity

The bathroom is the one area in the home that gets very humid, with a steamy shower causing havoc especially to natural timbers that absorb the moisture in the air. Window coverings made of this material can also warp and bow causing problems with light control and closure, which also ultimately affects privacy. Bathrooms should be well ventilated as humidity may promote the growth of mould. A synthetic product such as Luxaflex Wood Essence Blinds, that is made of polystyrene, offers the stylish look of timber and is perfect for high humidity areas such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens as they are impervious to moisture. Luxaflex Aluminium Venetian Blinds are also a suitable solution for such applications.

3. Heat

If your kitchen windows are anywhere near a hot zone, ensure that the heat transfer will not cause damage to your window coverings. Excessive heat may cause the blinds to bow or warp.

4. Splash Zone

Bathroom Tip - If your windows are near the shower or bath where they are likely to be splashed, the window coverings need to be durable to withstand these conditions. Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters, made from a polyresin compound, are water-resistant and will not blister, peel, flake, corrode or fade, making them an ideal solution. Kitchen Tip - Many traditional floor plans often feature the sink in front of a window so you can look out while washing the dishes. If your layout is like this, think about the most practical window covering that is easy to clean and operate. Window treatments such as Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters or Country Woods Venetians are suitable for use in the kitchen as they are easily maintained and can be wiped clean from grease, water and soap suds. The operating style you choose may depend on the ease at which you can lean over the bench to raise and lower the blind. If it is not easily accessible, motorisation may be the perfect solution. If the window sits behind the sink, another point to be conscious of is the depth of your windowsill. For products such as shutters, be mindful that the height and distance of the tap will not interfere with the tilting of the louvres or the opening of the panel if you wish to access the window.


The final measure for your window coverings should take place after tiling and window reveals are complete. This ensures 100 percent accuracy of the order, especially for window coverings which are custom made-to-measure such as Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters. If you are attaching your window coverings to sensitive or expensive tiles, talk this through with your Luxaflex consultant as they may not wish to damage the tiling by drilling holes in it, and other solutions may be needed.