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Unique Solutions

Unique Solutions

Unique situations require an experienced approach and the right product to provide the correct solution based product for our customer’s needs. It is important that the design and product work together and at Park Shutters and Blinds we have supplied a number of different solutions for customers with UPVC or tilt and turn windows, Skylights, Movie rooms, hard to reach places or for areas that require us to go above and beyond for our customers. Park Shutters and Blinds have curated a varied selection of products to suit your unique requirement.

Louvred roofing systems and aluminium shutters

Lumex outdoor louvred motorised shading solutions allows us to adapt our outdoor living environment for all weather conditions. The Lumex sun shading solution adds value to the family home because it is versatile, functional, remote controlled, energy efficient, engineered for durability and reinforced with aluminium. Available in 4 different configurations depending on your unique situation, a louvred roof system will enhance your outdoor living at the touch of a button with rotating high quality aluminium louvres that will rotate up to 30 degrees. We supply a local Australian made aluminium shutter that can be powdercoated to match you existing Dulux and Colourbond facade.

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