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PolySatin® Shutters

Fine Finish

Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters are the modern alternative to traditional wooden shutters and are virtually maintenance free bringing a touch of understated elegance to any interior. Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters are made from a polyresin compound and finished with a revolutionary technology to create a soft, matte lustre look of a freshly painted finish which helps the shutters resist the harsh, bleaching UV rays of summer and the cooler winters of the southern states.

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Proud partners with Qantas Frequent Flyer, members can now transform their home and earn Qantas Points across the iconic Luxaflex Window Fashions collection. Members will earn 1 Qantas Points for every $1 spent on Luxaflex products.*Start planning your next getaway today and discover how Luxaflex could help take you there.

Luxury & Style

Choose from a delightful assortment of sophisticated designs and customise to your own needs. Shutters are available in three classic shades of white, plus stylish valances, distinctive frames, three unique louvre sizes and tasteful hinge finishes. Louvres can be rotated 180 degrees to open or fully close in both directions.

Child Safety & Sustainability

Luxaflex products are designed to foster a healthy and safe living environment. We constantly engage in thorough product and material testing, completed by independent organisations, to ensure we are meeting industry benchmarks and providing Australian homes with the highest quality products. Made from a non-toxic polyresin compound, Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters proudly comply with GREENGUARD Gold Certification standards. They have been rigorously tested and scientifically proven to emit low chemical and particle emissions, making them the ideal solution for all households especially those with young children.

Energy Efficient

Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters are completely adjustable, allowing you to fully control the solar energy entering your windows and doors. Their cellular construction creates a layer of energy-saving insulation as it traps air within a distinct pocket. Coupled with polyresin’s low conductivity, they greatly reduce heat exchange. PolySatin Shutters reflect inbound solar rays back to the outside during summer, but can be opened to allow the warming sun into your home in winter thereby reducing air-conditioning costs.

Operating Systems

SmartView® – A patented gear-driven system for one-touch control and an unobstructed view. This system completely eliminates the traditional rear or front tilt bar allowing you to adjust the louvres easily by hand. ClearView – With ClearView you have an unobstructed view by having the tilt bar located on the window side of the louvre. Traditional Tilt Bar – Traditional shutter operation that can close in both directions, unlike many shutters which are one-directional only. Our patented tilt bar has eliminated unsightly gears or staples which tend to rust or break.

Powerview Polysatin Shutters

With Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters with PowerView Motorisation, the world’s most beautiful window fashions are now the most intelligent. Simply program PowerView to tilt your PolySatin Shutters according to the position you set and then control and schedule them using the intuitive PowerView App. Perfect lighting, energy efficiency, everyday convenience – it’s all delivered automatically with PowerView. For more information on PowerView, visit our PowerView page to learn how you can simplify your life.

20 Year Warranty

Our trademarked PolySatin finish is a revolutionary technology that combines the beautiful look of a finely painted shutter with the unmatched durability of polyresin. Shutters stand up to the toughest conditions, yet are easy to care for and maintain – and come backed with our famous 20 year Warranty*. *Conditions apply. Five-year warranty applies to shutter hardware.

Hinging On Perfection

There are a range of unconventional situations well suited to PolySatin Shutters. Standard Hinged Systems can consist of one or more shutter panels hinged in a variety of configurations. Single panels can be individually hinged or two panels may be hinged together from the frame in a Hinged Bi-Fold design. Bi-Fold on Track Systems allow up to eight panels to be hinged together. And shutter panels in a By-Pass Track System slide on top tracks to open and close. The By-Pass System allows you to cover wide widths.

Shaped Windows

In addition to being ideal within wet or damp areas in the home PolySatin Shutters can be custom made to fit many different shaped windows. PolySatin shutters can be built to fit a variety of shaped windows including arches (half circle, half moon, quarter circle, gothic), Angles (Right and isosceles triangles, top and bottom sloped), Hexagons and Octogons. PolySatin Shutters can find a solution for your non-rectangular windows*.

Care & Cleaning

PolySatin Shutters are made from a non-toxic polyresin compound, making them durable and easy to clean. Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze as they can be simply wiped down with a soft damp cloth. With our traditional non-motorised shutters, soap and water are all it takes to remove unsightly blemishes. Removing the shutters for cleaning is a breeze; they can be detached from the window by a single person within seconds.

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