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If you have just finished building your home, you would like to transform it in a certain manner. While the other furniture items have their part to play, Luxaflex awnings and shutters will make your place look amazing. You can purchase these awnings from Park Shutters & Blinds, as we are trusted & quality suppliers in Strathfield. You have great choices in blinds and awnings and we make your decision-making process more relaxing. You can speak to our friendly staff in Strathfield for advice.

Get Stylish Awnings Delivered To Your Doorstep

You shouldn't compromise on the quality of the outdoor awnings when you're looking to buy brand-new ones for your place. Hire Park Shutters & Blinds, a firm that's well known for its supplies of awnings and shutters all over Strathfield. The awnings should be such that they become a perfect addition to your house.

They should last long, too, apart from giving a great look to the place. We understand the importance of awnings, so we stock a wide range of leading brands like Luxaflex. Let's take a look at some important details about our services:

A Question? A Project?

  • We have designed 2000 blinds & awnings suitable for all kinds of windows. We understand that property owners have different size windows. But we can have the perfect fit for your windows. You can also decide on the shape of your customised awnings.
  • The Luxaflex awnings that we provide to our clients in Strathfield belong to the highest quality standards. Once the awnings are installed properly, you can expect them to have a durable run.
  • Our awnings fit windows of all shapes and sizes and are suited for various exterior settings, from terraces and patios to large entertaining areas. So even if you want to decorate your outdoor space with awnings, we have options for that too. The ultimate decision lies in your hands.
  • The Luxaflex awnings have a wide range of colours as well. You have to see which colour will suit your room the best. We can help you with the colours as we want to make the entire process as streamlined as possible.

Beyond Awnings: Explore Our Range Of Other Products

Park Shutters & Blinds is well known for its collection of awnings in Strathfield. But we also have some other quality products to offer our clients. Some of these products are as below:

  • We offer stock blinds. The right option in blinds can effectively control the light and heat coming into your place. They are easy to maintain as well. We have been providing the best blind solutions in Strathfield since 1954 so you can easily trust our quality and installation.
  • If you want to increase the security of your place, you should install a security door. Park Shutters & Blinds can increase security at many levels. Tested to withstand 1000 hours of salt bath testing, our screens resist UV and corrosion.
  • We also have a huge digital print collection to make things easier for you. We are introducing the Parks Shutters & Blinds Digital Print Collection, an assortment of colours, patterns and striking motifs in an easy-to-use online catalogue.

The Luxaflex brand develops and designs exclusive patented products and operating systems globally. We emphasised how the variety of options is endless here. So no matter where you stay at Strathfield, please contact us so that we provide the best awnings for your place.

To know more about our services, please call 0297135662 or mail us at and get answers to all your queries!

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