After 14 years behind the bar, small town publicans John and Jacquie were ready to call last orders and make the move from Kaniva Victoria, to coastal South Australia. After a potential sale of the business fell through the year prior, and the couple were forced to take back ownership and re-build, John and Jacquie were ready to try their luck again at selling. After listing the building and business for 6 months without any market interest, moving on was proving to be difficult. The pub was tired, run down and the beer garden became a barren wasteland. It was up to the Selling Houses Australia team to pump new life into the old building and come up with a design that appealed to the loyal locals as well as the travellers passing by.


As the front bar was the heart and soul of the pub, Shaynna felt it was crucial to devote most of her time and budget to this room. Major improvements in this space included:

A new bar area – Shaynna replaced the existing bar with a modern alternative that was made from prefinished horizontal timber batons. She opted for a light walnut colour, which provided a sleek finish whilst maintaining the rustic charm and character of the pub. Pressed metal sheeting was used to create an architectural wall feature and a stunning new bar backdrop. Spot lighting and floating timber shelves were fastened to the metal sheeting, creating a striking new way for the liquor bottles to be neatly displayed.

Fresh new flooring – Durable new commercial grade carpet was used all throughout the front bar space, with Shaynna opting for a patterned design that had a slight retro feel for added nostalgia for the locals.

Colour pop – Colour was used to create personality and mood in the front bar area, with Shaynna deciding to paint the room in a dark blue hue.

Stylish new window coverings – The tired old vertical blinds were replaced with Luxaflex Silhouette Shadings in a translucent fabric opacity. Featuring Signature S-Vanes that appear to be floating between two sheer facings, these shades combine elegance with functional design, transforming harsh sunlight into a gentle, diffused glow. These blinds proved to be the ideal choice for this space, creating an intimate ambience inside, whilst also adding to the property’s street appeal -providing the appearance of a soft shutter from the outside.

Furniture refresh – In order to honour some local sporting heroes, Shaynna included some priceless memorabilia around the front bar area. In addition to John and Jacquie’s pool tables, stylish new stools and tables were also scattered around to provide some much needed extra seating.

The carpet in the restaurant area had certainly seen better days, so Shaynna had it replaced with something more durable and easy to maintain. Commercial grade vinyl with an acoustic backing was used all throughout the bistro as it was family friendly and ideal for such a large high traffic area. Shaynna was mindful that the bistro was really the workhorse for the business and so all of the modifications made in the space needed to appeal to travellers, as well as the locals and their families. The new French- inspired chairs and tables added a modern touch to the restaurant, whilst the exposed brick tied in the traditional feel of the old pub. Luxaflex Silhouette Shadings were also used to dress the windows and brighten up the room.


Charlie wanted to give the property a facelift whilst also maintaining the history and character of the old Club Hotel Kaniva building. He cleverly achieved this by painting the front facade white, giving it a fresh finish and making it easy to be seen from a mile away.

A stylish and functional beer garden was high on the locals wishlist and was a feature that what would certainly help bring more business into the pub. To fully utilise the outdoor space, Charlie started his exterior transformation by removing the grass and replacing it with large charcoal pavers. In order to create a nice flow through from Shaynna’s newly renovated bistro, he included big bifold doors in the existing window frame.

A beautiful mural, created by Melbourne artist Callum, was a major statement in the beer garden. Not only did this hold a special meaning for the town, but it would also help lead the local tourist art trail right into the pub.

Charlie softened the space with an abundance of leafy plants and greenery and added functional seating and table arrangements, making it the perfect spot to relax with friends or host special occasions.

The verdict

While the renovation of the pub was a complete success, the owners are yet to sell. Their asking price of $300,000 for the building and the business is still on the market.




Looking to invest in their future, and under the advice of their financial planner, Adelaide couple Chrissy and Sao, purchased a townhouse on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. After their long term tenant moved out and they struggled to find a replacement, their savings started to dwindle, and the girls were forced to sell. Despite the common perception that the Australian property market only goes up, the couple actually made a loss on selling and were left with a $115k debt, on top of the mortgage they already had on their home in Glenelg, South Australia. Struggling to make ends meet, the footy loving duo decided that they had no choice but to pack up and sell their home of 14 years.

After an unsuccessful auction attempt to sell for anywhere between $690-740k, Chrissy and Sao dropped their asking price to $660k, which was the magic figure that would get them out of the red. However, six months on and still they hadn’t come anywhere close to that. This 1960’s home was in a great suburb; however, it was the worst house in the best street. The exterior lacked street appeal and the interior was tired, odour filled and had some serious layout issues. It was up to the Selling Houses Australia team to make some big changes with a little budget.


With a combined interior and exterior renovation budget of $30k, Shaynna certainly had her work cut out for her. Major interior improvements included:
A floor plan overhaul – Shaynna started by removing the wall under the existing high window in the living room, to create an open flow and connection with the outdoors. To secure the space she installed simple white framed double doors, which opened out to the newly styled back veranda. New wall petitions were used to split one of the existing bedrooms into 2 (making it a 3 bedroom home) and create a private entry way and space for a dedicated study nook off the lounge room.


Kitchen update – Despite being relatively new, the kitchen needed a serious style update. The cupboards were dated and over baring and the tiles of the splash black, uninspiring and dull. In an effort to keep costs down, Shaynna had the cupboards rubbed back and sprayed in a soft white hue. This colour change, in addition to the new cupboard handles and light grey subway tiles used for the splashback, instantly added a fresh and modern feel to the kitchen.

A flooring update – The original timber flooring was striped back and the lino in the kitchen removed. Shaynna substituting this for new timber floorboards in a light and contemporary tone. This change helped to create a sense of consistency and flow throughout the house. Fresh white carpet was also laid in all of the bedrooms.

Fresh paint – Shaynna chose to also keep her paint choice for the bedrooms simple, opting for a natural white tone. Meanwhile, in the living room she selected a marine blue paint colour named ‘Dolphin’, for added impact on entry.

Stylish new window coverings – Shaynna replaced the rundown curtains in the living room and bedrooms with stylish new Luxaflex Duette Shades. The unique honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb structure of these Softshades will help to provide efficient insulation by trapping air within the honeycomb cells, ultimately reducing heat loss in winter and keeping the home cooler in summer. Shaynna opted for a blockout fabric opacity in the bedrooms for the ultimate light and privacy control, whilst a translucent fabric was used in the living room to provide privacy from the street, whilst allowing soft light to filter through. Regardless of the opacity type, these innovative blinds will ensure the room temperature remains comfortable all year round!

Furniture refresh – Shaynna replaced the mismatched furniture and Port Adelaide football memorabilia, with sleek furniture and styling pieces, incorporating splashes of colour through her bold artwork choices and accessories.


Charlie focused most of his time and budget on the front facade. In an effort to modernise the home whilst keeping costs down, he had the brick exterior sprayed in a soft blue tone. He also removed the existing concrete on the veranda, replacing it with a modern grey stone that continued out to the street to form a new front pathway.

the back yard Charlie replaced the old iron fence with one made of solid treated pine, which was stylish and shielded the backyard from onlookers passing by. To tie this in with the new colour scheme of the home, the new fence was also painted to match the new modern roof colour. With the help of some of the port Adelaide players, Charlie manicured the garden and softened the exterior with an abundance of low maintenance leafy plants and greenery.

The verdict

Although the team was worried the girls wouldn’t be able to keep the house smoke and dog free before the open home, they did! Selling for $655,000 Chrissy and Sao can finally move on to living a debt-free life.

Transform your home with Luxaflex LumiShades

Transform your home with Luxaflex LumiShades

A contemporary take on a classic window covering, Luxaflex LumiShades combine the versatility of a vertical blind with the elegant appeal of a soft window furnishing. The collection is a perfect balance of style, durability and practicality guaranteed to complement any home interior style.

What are the benefits of Luxaflex LumiShades?

Australian Made – Luxaflex LumiShades are proudly custom made to measure in our Australian factories. Our streamlined production process and commitment to local manufacturing, ultimately allows us to deliver a premium product with a prompt production and delivery time.

Functional Design – The innovative design of Luxaflex LumiShades consists of individually curved fabric vanes attached to our exclusive EDGE Vertical Track System. Free from connecting chains and bottom weights, these stylish shades boast a soft, unstructured finish -making them a fashionable window covering solution, perfect for households with children and pets.

Perfect for modern living – LumiShades are the ideal window covering solution for seamless indoor-outdoor living. Conveniently walk through the individual fabric vanes, whether they are opened or closed- leaving the fabric blades to softly settle back into position.

Quality Fabrics – Available in a large range of on-trend colours and subtle textures, Luxaflex LumiShades provide a new level of depth and dimension at the window. Made from 100% polyester, LumiShade fabric features durable properties such as fade resistance and Ultraviolet (UV) protection, to help preserve the fabric and home furnishings from fading, as well as dust resistant properties for easy maintenance.

Flexible Light Control – The alternating light filtering and room darkening fabric panels of LumiShades is what essentially makes these blinds so versatile. Enjoy the benefits of beautiful light control, as fabric vanes can be easily adjusted to suit your light and privacy requirements. Simply rotate the fabric to angle the vanes and control the amount of light entering the room. Open for daytime privacy with a soft view through and close the shades completely for evening privacy and room darkening.

Easy to operate – Luxaflex LumiShades are available with two operating options: Traversing Wand or Chain and Cord.

1. Chain & Cord – Featuring a heavy duty beaded chain, simply rotate the fabric vanes to the desired position, or use the cord to stack the shade.
2. Traversing Wand – For an enhanced child safe solution, opt for the Traversing Wand operation. Use one hand to rotate the fabric blades and draw the vanes across.

Ideal for wide expanses – Luxaflex LumiShades are perfect for large windows and sliding door applications as they can neatly stack to the left, right or split stack for an unobstructed view or complete access to the doors.

What sets Luxaflex LumiShades apart?

It is our Australian designed and developed, EDGE Vertical hardware system that sets LumiShades apart from other alternatives on the market. Exclusive to Luxaflex Window Fashions, this innovative track system uses quality componentry to provide unparalleled durability and smooth blind control.

Luxaflex LumiShades have been proudly used in the below home transformations:

5 key considerations for selecting kitchen & bathroom blinds

5 key considerations for selecting kitchen & bathroom blinds

1.Light & Privacy Control

Bathroom Tip – When selecting the most suitable type of blinds for the bathrooms in your home, the level of privacy in which they provide is a vital factor. To protect your family from exposure, complete privacy control is required. Frosted glass is commonly used, however at night with the light on, clear outlines of figures are still visible from the outside.

In this instance we recommend using Luxaflex Duette Shades in a blockout fabric coupled with either Top-Down Bottom-Up or Duo-Lite styles. This is a highly versatile solution which can be adjusted to perfectly suit the desired amount of light and visibility.

Kitchen Tip – Light and privacy control in the kitchen is as important as any other room in the house. When selecting the window coverings for this space consider the versatility of the options and whether the product allows for ample light to filter through during the day, protection from the late afternoon glare and privacy from nosey neighbours when cooking dinner of an evening. Cooking fumes may also require blind styles which assist good air flow, and materials which do not retain odours such as shutters or blinds with thin or synthetic fabric. Create a comfortable cooking environment with window treatments such as Luxaflex Duette Duo-Lite Shades or PolySatin Shutters which are effective solutions in controlling the incoming light and level of privacy with louvres and blind position and heights being easily adjusted.

2. Humidity

The bathroom is the one area in the home that gets very humid, with a steamy shower causing havoc especially to natural timbers that absorb the moisture in the air. Window coverings made of this material can also warp and bow causing problems with light control and closure, which also ultimately affects privacy. Bathrooms should be well ventilated as humidity may promote the growth of mould.

A synthetic product such as Luxaflex Wood Essence Blinds, that is made of polystyrene, offers the stylish look of timber and is perfect for high humidity areas such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens as they are impervious to moisture. Luxaflex Aluminium Venetian Blinds are also a suitable solution for such applications.

3. Heat

If your kitchen windows are anywhere near a hot zone, ensure that the heat transfer will not cause damage to your window coverings. Excessive heat may cause the blinds to bow or warp.

4. Splash Zone

Bathroom Tip – If your windows are near the shower or bath where they are likely to be splashed, the window coverings need to be durable to withstand these conditions. Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters, made from a polyresin compound, are water-resistant and will not blister, peel, flake, corrode or fade, making them an ideal solution.

Kitchen Tip – Many traditional floor plans often feature the sink in front of a window so you can look out while washing the dishes. If your layout is like this, think about the most practical window covering that is easy to clean and operate. Window treatments such as Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters or Country Woods Venetians are suitable for use in the kitchen as they are easily maintained and can be wiped clean from grease, water and soap suds. The operating style you choose may depend on the ease at which you can lean over the bench to raise and lower the blind. If it is not easily accessible, motorisation may be the perfect solution.

If the window sits behind the sink, another point to be conscious of is the depth of your windowsill. For products such as shutters, be mindful that the height and distance of the tap will not interfere with the tilting of the louvres or the opening of the panel if you wish to access the window.


The final measure for your window coverings should take place after tiling and window reveals are complete. This ensures 100 percent accuracy of the order, especially for window coverings which are custom made-to-measure such as Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters. If you are attaching your window coverings to sensitive or expensive tiles, talk this through with your Luxaflex consultant as they may not wish to damage the tiling by drilling holes in it, and other solutions may be needed.

Experience ultimate darkness with Luxaflex Duette LightLock Shades

Experience ultimate darkness with Luxaflex Duette LightLock Shades

At the forefront of innovative design, Luxaflex Duette Shades are specifically engineered to provide both beauty and energy efficiency at the window. The unique honeycomb structure of these shades creates a layer of energy saving insulation as it traps air in its distinct pockets, keeping the home warm in winter, cool in summer and comfortable all year round!

With the introduction of the Duette LightLock Side Channel System, these innovative shades not only provide superior insulating benefits, they now offer a stylish and unparalleled room darkening solution.

What are the features and benefits of Duette LightLock Shades?

Exclusive to Luxaflex Window Fashions, Duette LightLock Shades combine our industry leading honeycomb blind with a patented LightLock Side Channel System, to provide the ultimate light blockout solution.

Clever design: The LightLock System has been precisely engineered with room-darkening technology that lies within the unique LightLock side channel design. The patented U-Shaped side channels feature rows of specially shaped microridges, that are optimised to trap, absorb, block and deflect all incoming light from seeping into the room. This meticulous design of the side channel restricts light leakage and eliminates the “halo effect” that is common with most blockout shades.

The perfect fit: With its sleek aesthetic design, Duette LightLock Shades are made to fit securely into the window reveal. A reveal fit will ensure the LightLock side channels blend seamlessly into the window frame, preventing any light leakage that may seep through the sides.

Ideal applications: Without compromising on style or performance, the Duette LightLock System provides the perfect window covering solution for rooms which demand maximum darkness such as bedrooms, nursery’s and media rooms.

Fabric & Hardware Options: The LightLock System is compatible with the 20mm Duette blockout fabric range. This collection features an assortment of on-trend colours and textures that are sure to compliment any home interior. LightLock hardware, including the side channels and top/bottom end caps, have been coated in a neutral hue so that they seamlessly blend with your interior wall colour. Colour options include Aspen White or Gardenia White.

Operation & Design Options: The Duette LightLock System is available with LiteRise operation in Bottom-Up and Top-Down/Bottom-Up design options.

It is also compatible with Luxaflex PowerView Motorisation in Bottom-Up, Top-Down and Top-Down/Bottom-Up design options. This innovative technology will allow for complete control of your Duette Shades and for the creation and scheduling of customised room ‘Scenes’. Pre-programme your blinds to rise and greet the dawn, readjust to deflect the hot afternoon sun, before scheduling them to close at night, creating the perfect bedtime mood. Personalise settings even further and pair with additional smart technology, such as lighting, to reflect different activities or times around the house.

Living with Luxaflex by Neale Whitaker

Living with Luxaflex by Neale Whitaker

‘Ever since moving to Australia more than 20 years ago, I’ve been in love with our light. It has a different quality to any light I’ve experienced elsewhere in the world. Compared to the flat light I grew up with in England, Australian light has a brilliance, an intensity and clarity that makes colours seem brighter and more vivid. More alive. But with that brilliance – and the extreme temperatures that often accompany it, especially in summer – comes a need to control and harness light in order to make our lives more comfortable.

At our home on the NSW south coast, my partner and I have experienced extremes that demonstrate the ferocity of the Australian climate. We may be just two hours by road from Sydney, but summers are hotter than in the city and winters are colder. We even seem to get spring and autumn! And that amazing light, providing a spectacular daily show with the ever-changing colours of the hills and paddocks. Given that our home is a single-storey cottage dating back to the 1930s, it was important for us to choose window coverings sympathetic to the age and heritage of the house, whilst providing innovative light and temperature control.

For our kitchen, laundry and home office (all windows running along the same side of the house) we chose Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters in white that allowed us to combine classic style with modernity and functionality. These plantation-style shutters have always been a design go-to for me, as they’re timeless and complement almost any interior style. PolySatin Shutters have a tactile matt lustre and are made from a durable polyresin compound that makes them ideal for wet areas like kitchens, laundries and bathrooms.

On a practical note, we loved that the shutters are made in Australia by people who understand our climate – and which also means shorter lead times – and are backed by a 20-year warranty. Our shutters will allow cooling breezes in during summer, but welcome insulation in winter.

In our guest bedrooms, we opted for Luxaflex Pirouette Shadings that blend the look of sheers with the functionality of blinds, and a silhouette reminiscent of shutters, thus providing continuity of style both internally and externally. What we love about our Pirouette Shadings is their versatility. Fully opened they allow us to enjoy the magnificent country views, but they can be adjusted for a soft-focus view or closed for privacy at the touch of a button on the PowerView Pebble remote.

All of our Luxaflex window coverings are controlled by PowerView Motorisation that adds cutting-edge technology to classic design, not to mention the luxury and convenience of control through the Pebble remote or via the PowerView App on iPhone or iPad. The app allows us to set customised ‘scenes’ for our window coverings that respond to the changing light throughout the day. We can even control them from a distance when we’re away – adding security to the impressive list of benefits. To me that is seriously sophisticated design!’

Neale Whitaker has edited some of the most respected lifestyle magazines in the world, including Vogue Living, Vogue Entertaining Travel, Belle, Delicious and Food Illustrated. Neale is also a weekly columnist for News Corp’s Stellar in the Sunday Telegraph (NSW), Sunday Herald Sun (VIC) and Sunday Mail (QLD).

His extensive knowledge and experience have made him a respected and popular media personality in Australia. In 2019, Love It or List It Australia returns for a third series, and The Block for Neale’s 12th season with the show.

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